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guia do atleta


  • The swim will start at night, so it is recommended to wear swimming goggles with clear lens.


  • Take clothing apparel for all weather conditions during the race. Be prepared for a temperature range of 5 ° to 35 ° celsius.


  • Be generous with your supplementation stock and do not forget that your staff should also have food.


  • Take and drink a lot of water. You should at least take 15 liters of water extra in the staff’s car.


  • Ice to cool the body during the race is highly recommended.


  • The headlamp will be mandatory in the run.


  • The sun will be very strong throughout the day. Don’t forget about using sunscreen.


  • Disk wheels are prohibited. High profile wheel is highly inadvisable because in addition to generating no benefit in this type of course there is risk of strong lateral wind. Also remember that braking in carbon profile is not as efficient as in aluminum profile.


  • Aero helmets are not recommended. It will not make you climb faster and it will make your head warm.


  • The swim will be wetsuit legal.


  • Study in detail the bike and run course because there will be no signaling during the race. You can leave this assignment to your staff but if he misses the course you will suffer the consequences. And you can be sure that you will not be happy to go any extra mile more than necessary.


  • Do not go over your pace. You can believe that however moderate your pace is, it will not be moderate enough !


  • Get ready for a long day with ups and downs (literally and figuratively).


  • If your marriage is not going through a good phase seriously consider if it is worth putting your husband or wife as a staff because we are not responsible for end of relationship.


  • We are always asked how hard the Fodaxman is. We always say that is very hard. For example: A sub-9 athlete in a full distance race won the 2017 edition with a time of almost 13 hours.


  • Can you climb the Serra do Rio do Rastro with a 53x39 chainring and a cassette 25? It is possible, but you will probably pay for all your sins. The ideal ratio is 50x34 with 30 cassette, and you can be sure that even with this relationship you would love to have more gear on the climb.


  • Train a lot ! Train in mountains, ascents, train even walking because you will use it in practically all the ascent of the Morro da Igreja climb.


  • Who skips training or do not take it seriously will not be able to finish Fodaxman.


  • Enjoy every moment of the race and have fun! It may sound cliché but in Fodaxman the journey with his staff and teammates is much more important than his time to complete the race.



  • Talk a lot with your athlete before the race. Align expectations and set routines for hydration and supplementation. It is very important that you are tuned in.

  • In some (or several) times your athlete will think about quitting. Your words of motivation and encouragement could make a difference for him to complete the race.

  • The supporter can assist your athlete with any mechanical issue during the race.

  • The day will be long. Therefore, as we already suggested to the athletes, prepare yourself for all the climatic conditions and do not forget to feed and to hydrate.

  • Public roads will be open to the normal flow of vehicles. It is your responsibility to obey the traffic rules while you are driving the support car.

  • Do not use the support car to escort your athlete, this procedure is prohibited.

  • Never give anything to the athlete while the car is moving. Park the car on the shoulder or back to meet your athlete.

  • Maybe your athlete will yell at you or even fight you during the race. Relax and remember that he might be under a lot of stress at the moment.

  • Be in good physical condition to running (or walk!) next to your athlete on the way up Morro da Igreja.

  • At various times the best thing in the world that you can do for your athlete is to throw cold water on him.

  • Take the map of the bike and run course printed. Do not rely on technology or the cell phone signal.

  • Remember that you are a key part of your athlete's success. Just like him, give your all.

  • We support and encourage the spirit of camaraderie so do not hesitate to help other athletes if necessary because before opponents they are companions in the Fodaxman's journey. And remember that your athlete may also need the support of another athlete's supporter.

  • Prepare a really cool playlist for the car. The songs in addition to helping you to spend this long day in a more fun way will also serve to motivate your athlete when you pass through it.



Dear athletes, please find below a list of suggested hotels for hosting both at the start and at the finish of the race. Remember that Fodaxman is a point-to-point test and therefore you must book accommodation in both cities. We do suggest staying in Nova Veneza (or Criciúma) and in Urubici (Finish line city). 

These are just a few suggestions, there are other options in both cities. Although there are good hotels available, don't do your reservations at last minute as the demand for accommodation due to the race will be great. 

We suggest that athletes arrive at least two days in advance to adapt to the region and the climate, and that they stay in Urubici at least two days after the race for a well-deserved rest. It is worth knowing the tourist attractions of both regions.

Nova Veneza - SC


  • Hostel of the Benedictine Sisters

Address: Cônego Miguel Giacca street, 153
Location: in the center of Nova Veneza
Reservation contact: Fran - phone +55 48 9 9959-6781 (mention that it is a reservation for Fodaxman)
Note: the Inn will provide breakfast at a special time on the day of the race.

  • Hotel Bormon

Address: Highway SC 447 km 42.8
Location: close to the city entrance porch
Reservation contact: Darlene - phone +55 48 3436-5470 (mention that it is a reservation for Fodaxman)
Note: the Hotel will provide breakfast at a special time on the day of the race.

  • Pousada Di Venezia

Address: Highway Dos Imigrantes, s / n
Location: between the center of Nova Veneza and the CASAN dan.
Booking contact: phone +55 48 9 8479-3131

Urubici – SC

  • Pousada das Flores

Address: Adolfo Konder avenue, 2273

Location: in front of T2

Reservation contact: Marcos Zilli – phone +55 48 3278-4107 (mention that it is a reservation for Fodaxman)

  • Urubici Park Hotel

Address: Adolfo Konder avenue, 2278

Location: in front of T2

Reservation contact: phone +55 49 3278-5300

  • Pousada Serra Bela

Address: Highway SC370 km 04

Location: close to km 18 of the race route

Reservation contact: phone +55 49 3278-4612 or +55 49 3278-4666

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