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Fodaxman is an extreme triathlon event that takes place in Santa Catarina - Brazil in the distances of 4km of swimming, 173km of cycling and 42 km of running. It is a race that demands the maximum of the athletes both physically and emotionally, so it is not for beginners. It is a point-to-point event, starting at the Dam of the São Bento River in Siderópolis and arriving in Urubici.


Be prepared for a wide the temperature variation (from 5º to 35º celsius) and a lot of climbing, there will be 3,850m of elevation gain in the bike course and 1,250m of elevation gain in the run course, including the feared Serra do Rio do Rastro and Morro da Igreja. The arrival will occur at 1,818m above sea level.


Swimming starts in the dark with light guidance and wetsuit allowed. The bike and run course will be open to traffic and it is mandatory that each athlete has at least one supporter (it is recommended two) that must accompany him by car for the entire route. His supporter will be the one responsible for guidance and supplementation.


Athletes will only be able to finish the race course at the top of Morro da Igreja if they arrive at the checkpoint at km 26 within the limit of 13 hours. For athletes arriving at km 26 after this time, there will be the possibility of completing the 42km race in an alternate course.




To visualize the route clicking on the MAP column to open the googlemaps route.

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06/12/2024 (Friday)

10h00 - official swim training. Where: Dam of the São Bento River in Siderópolis

14h00 to 17h00 –  Race kit collection upon presentation of both Athletes Declaration  and Medical Statement.  It is mandatory to use the templates available on the website, other document templates will not be accepted. Also during kit removal, it will be mandatory to present all swimming material for disinfection. Where : Palazzo Delle Acque (alongside to Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza)

16h00 - Mandatory Technical Symposium. Where: Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza

07/12/2024 (Saturday)

02h30 to 03h30 – Bike check-in at T1 (mandatory wearing helmet)

03h40 – All athletes heading to swim start line

03h45 – Athletes´ rolling call

03h55 – All athletes in the water

04h00 – Fodaxman start

08/12/2024 (Sunday)

10h00 – Results release and Finisher ceremony in Urubici. Where: .





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