We know that Fodaxman is a unique and inspiring race, but it is very important that you are extremely rational before deciding to participate. Some information to assist in the decision:


  • Fodaxman is not a race for beginners, it is an extreme event that demands a lot of the physical and the mind. If you are not sure that you are prepared, it is best to wait some more time before signing up;


  • The race consists of a 4km swim, 172.5km bike and 42km run. However, please remind yourself of the degree of difficulty of the course due to the elevation gained. In the bike course there will be 3,650m of elevation gained including the Serra do Rio do Rastro with 7km of average slope around 20%. In the run course there will be 1,250m of elevation gained, being 1,100m only in the last 16km and the arrival is above 1.800m of sea level. The swimming is flat (for now) but on the other hand it´s in the dark (4am start).


  • Race will be held in Santa Catarina State - Brazil on December 13th, 2020. The mandatory race briefing will take place in Nova Veneza on December 11th at 14h, and finish ceremony will take place in Urubici on December 13th at 10h30. Please be aware that this is a point to point race, therefore finish line is 180km far from start line. Keep it in mind when considering pre and post race logistics.


  • It is mandatory that all athletes have at least one supporter that should accompany their athlete by car for 100% of the course (two are recommended). The athlete's supporter will be responsible for all support, including but not limited to mechanical care, hydration, supplementation and orientation throughout the course. Please remind that the course will be open to normal traffic and there won’t be guidance signs. The Fodaxman crew will provide files to help with the guidance through the course (Google maps, Garmin track, etc.)


  • Choose your supporter carefully because you will spend a long day together. And remember that at the time of registration it is mandatory that you inform us the contact details of at least one supporter.


  • Both cycling and running courses are 100% on public roads with traffic open to vehicles. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the athlete and his/her supporter to obey the traffic rules in force in the Brazilian Traffic Rules during the entire journey. It is the responsibility of the athlete and his supporter to ensure their physical integrity.


  • Be prepared for extreme variations in weather conditions. On race day the temperature can vary from 5º to 35º (this happened in the 2017 edition).



  • If you care about of VIP area, Expo, treats in hydration stations, staffs to wear off wetsuits, supporter to get your bike in T2, etc., I'm sorry but the Fodaxman is not the race for you. Fodaxman is a race that values the essence of the sport and its values. If you do not give up the convenience and comfort of the items mentioned above, there are several other race options with this profile.  

  • If you have already tested positive on some anti-doping test, I'm sorry but you're not welcome on Fodaxman. At Fodaxman our sports values are important and are put into practice. And if you test positive on an anti-doping test after your participation in Fodaxman your participation records will be deleted and you will no longer be able to declare yourself a Fodaxman finisher.


  • Read carefully all the rules of the race available on the website. 


  • Athlete without supporter and without the signed statement of responsibility and medical certificate can not start the race. 



Registration process


  • 150 slots for Fodaxman 2020 on first come first served basis.


  • Slots are personal and non-trasferable.


  • Registration fee for Fodaxman 2020 is EUR 370 or R$ 1690.


  • Registration is open from February 12th, 2020 on platform and from February 19th on Ticket Agora ​ platform.


  • is the official platform of XTRI World Tour where all athlete’s profile will be filled. As a registration platform offers an additional cancellation insurance of registration fee which shall be required at the moment of registration. The cost of mentioned insurance is 8% of registration fee. Payment at ​ is only in Euros and installment is not available.


  • Registration at Ticket Agora is available only in Brazilian Real and installment will be available but, on the other hand, there´s no cancellation insurance available at Ticket Agora. VERY​ IMPORTANT: Athletes that choose Ticket Agora for their registration shall complete later their athlete profile at and will receive by e-mail a personal and single use free code to conclude the mandatory athlete´s profile filling at


*** WARNING:​ offers​ registration only in EUROS and offers additional option of cancellation insurance but do not offers installment. Ticket Agora offers registration only in Brazilian Real and offers installment option but do not offers cancellation insurance. Athletes that make their registration on Ticket Agora platform shall complete their profile later on in order to have their registration concluded. If you try to register yoursef on Ticket Agora and select the cancellation insurance on be aware that the cancellation insurance purchase will be cancelled. It´s up to you to choose between or Ticket Agora according to your requirements.