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The FODAXMAN Solo Point Five is a most accessible extreme triathlon race, with the challenge, beauty and experience that only an extreme triathlon event is capable of providing athletes. It is a unique opportunity for all athletes to fulfill their dream of participating in extreme triathlon.


The FODAXMAN Solo Point Five course is similar to part of the FODAXMAN course, which makes the Solo Point Five the ideal race for athletes who want to prepare themselves for FODAXMAN, and also for athletes who want to evaluate their ability to participate in FODAXMAN for the first time. Unlike FODAXMAN, athletes at Solo Point Five will not have their own support team, as the race organization will provide the feed stations.

Athletes will challenge themselves starting with a 2000m swim in the beautiful dam of the São Bento River, 87 km of cycling including the breathtaking Serra do Rio do Rastro and 2250m of elevation gain, an finally 22km of running with 450m of elevation gain in a dirt road in the wind farm on the edge of the canyon next to the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro.

It´s a “point to point” race, starting in the city of Nova Veneza and finishing next to the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro. The return to the starting point, after the conclusion of the race, will be by responsibility of the athlete.



01 triangular lap of 2000m, during sunrise, in the São Bento river dam close to Nova Veneza. Same swim course of FODAXMAN.​

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-26 at 13.36.40.jpeg


87 km, starting at the São Bento river dam heading to Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro, with 2,450m of elevation gain including the challenging Serra do Rio do Rastro. The final 55km will be on the same course of FODAXMAN.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-26 at 13.27.40 (1).jpeg


22 km crossing a wind farm on the edge of the canyons on the highlands, finishing  next to the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro. The entire course is on a dirt road, with 450m of elevation gain.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-26 at 13.27.39.jpeg


27/09/2024 (Friday)

14h00 às 17h00 - Race kit collection upon presentation of both Athletes Declaration  and Medical Statement.  It is mandatory to use the templates available on the website, other document templates will not be accepted. Also during kit removal, it will be mandatory to present all swimming material for disinfection. Where : Palazzo Delle Acque (alongside to Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza);

17h00 - Technical Symposium. Where: Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza;

28/09/2024 (Saturday)

04h00 às 05h30 - Bike check-in at T1 (mandatory wearing helmet);

05h45 - All athletes in the start area;

06h00 - Fodaxman Solo Point Five 2024 start;

29/09/2024 (Sunday)

10h00 – Results release and Finisher ceremony in Nova Veneza. Where: .



The Fodaxman Solo point Five applications will be available until September  20, 2024,  or as long as there are spots available, on the TicketSports and RaceID platforms. 

There is no refund policy for the registration fee, no transfer of ownership or transfer between tests from different years. ​We strongly recommend that you register and add the Refund Insurance option to your purchase (Please check the applicable conditions for Refund insurance before hiring. There is an additional fee for this, which will be added to the amount of registration at the time of payment). 

   > We will have an inaugural lot for Brazilians with 10%

   > Link de inscrição RaceID - 

Payment on the Ticket Sports platform must be made in reais with a bank slip  on the credit card. The RaceId platform requires an international credit card on demand.

As a form of appreciation and gratitude, volunteers from the previous year of the FODAXMAN and/or FODAXMAN Solo Point Five tests who wish to register will have a 10% discount on the registration fee.

Note: The Ticket Sports Platform follows the Consumer Defense Code, which makes it possible to request a full refund of the amount paid, up to 7 days after purchase.


If you still have questions about the application process, do not hesitate to contact us. Send your questions to



We know that not only the city of Nova Veneza, but all the cities that comprise the event, are known for their beauty and therefore very popular at this time of year.

For athletes who prefer to stay in the host city, contact Fran by phone (48) 9 9959-6781 or by email: Accommodation bookings were centralized with her..


For athletes who prefer to rest right after the race, accommodation is available in the highlands at Pousada Capão Rico (@pousada_capao_rico). For reservations, talk to Mr. Eusébio by phone (49) 9 9127-0466



If you need a ride to return to Nova Veneza after the end off the race, a transfer service will be offered, upon prior arrangement. Get in touch with Fran by phone (48) 9 9959-6781 or by e-mail:




 Rules  > "Regulamento SOLO .5 2023-1.pdf"

 Medical Statement > "Atestado médico SOLO.docx.pdf"

 Athletes Declaration  > "Termo de Responsabilidade SOLO.docx.pdf"



Complete course with details of reference and support points

        Google Maps  > ""


Byke Course

        PDF File  > "Percurso cilcismo Solo Point Five 2022.docx.pdf"

        GPX File  > "Ciclismo Solo Point Five 2022.gpx"

        Google Maps  > ""



 Run Course

        PDF File  > "Percurso Corrida Solo Point Five 2022.docx.pdf"

        GPX File  > "Corrida Solo Point Five 2022.gpx"

        Google Maps  > ""

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