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Como começou


On 1/17/16, while cycling from Lauro Muller-SC to Urubici-SC, four friends and triathletes influenced by the beauty of the landscape began to dream how wonderful it would be to make an extreme triathlon race in the Americas in this region.


The "craziness" was transformed into a project, and the first step was to define a viable route that passed through the Serra do Rio do Rastro that had the approximate distances of a full distance event. The gods of the triathlon conspired in favor and located a swimming lake that made viable a cycling route to Urubici with exactly 180km and without the need to make a single return!


Once the course has been defined, we begin to elaborate the rules of the challenge. We wanted to rescue the true spirit of triathlon, most of the times forgotten in today's competitions. The satisfaction to finish should be greater than the time of the race, the challenge to overcome our own limits should be more important than the placement, the other athletes would be our companions of journey instead of opponents, the magnificence of the nature felt in the difficulty of the course would teach us to be more humble.

Thus, with the support of many people who believed with us, on 1/07/17 was born the first edition of Fodaxman with 10 invited athletes. At the finish line on that long day we were sure that our dream was coming true.


For the 2nd edition which happened on 12/16/17 we decided that this day deserved to be shared with more athletes who believe in our sports values. Two important changes took place: we opened the entries for athletes to apply for the slots (approved after analysis of the sport profile) and made the course of the race even better (or worse!) with the inclusion of the 16km ascent of the Morro da Igreja at the end of the run course reaching up to 1818m of altitude. The two major challenges of the Fodaxman course, the Serra do Rio do Rastro and the Morro da Igreja (symbolized by Pedra Furada), are now represented in the new Fodaxman logo.

Witnessing in the athletes the spirit of camaraderie, the look of emotion when crossing the finish line and the feeling of accomplishment through the fulfilled journey confirm that we are on the right track.

Rafael Pina

Fabrício Abido

Fernando Palhares

Felipe Manente +

Long life to Fodaxman!

fatos e números



4 km



173 Km



Highest elevation


UP TO 20%

  UP TO 23%





Highest 35°C


1ª EDITION - 2017 - 07 finishers *

2ª EDITION - 2017 - 11 Top finishers | 12 base finishers

3ª EDITION - 2018 - 18 Top finishers | 09 base finishers

4ª EDITION - 2019 - 32 Top finishers | 19 base finishers

EXPERIENCE - 2020 - 20 finishers

5ª EDITION - 2021 - 57 Top finishers | 18 base finishers

6ª EDITION - 2022 - 29 finishers | special edition **

* There was no Morro da Igreja on the route of the first edition
**Alternative routes - Rio do Rastro closed



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