4 KM


 4 KM night


173 KM


Elevation gain of 3.650m, including the epic Serra do Rio do Rastro

42 KM


 Elevation gain of 1250m 

 Finish line at 1818m of altitude

"To start, an unprecedented swimming course in total darkness on the first round and watching the sun rise on the second. Absolutely spectacular cycling course through the stunning Serra do Rio do Rastro. An insane running course finishing at the top of the Morro da Igreja with the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life. I met people that, like me, are passionate about triathlon on its essence: without vanity and with a lot of passion for the sport. And so was Fodaxman! For those who want to live a unique experience in the sport, this is the perfect race" 


Livia Bustamante

Champion Fodaxman 2017